Wouldn’t it be great to work for yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to decide how much money you make? Wouldn’t it be great to have control over your financial future?

Now You Can!

We’ve helped hundreds of people start their own business with Willy Dog Hot Dog Carts and Ice Cream Carts, and we’d like to help you as well! Just follow the steps below and you can be on your way to earning over $52,000.00 a year!

STEP 1: Determine where you would like to sell your products

It has been said that location is everything. This is especially true for a vending cart. Research potential locations: look for areas that have large numbers of people, space for a hot dog cart and little competition.

STEP 2: Secure a vending license and your location

Talk to your city hall about vending licenses, they range in price from free to about $300/yr. If you need help getting a license don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Talk to the owner of the location on which you wish to sell. If it is privately owned they may want to charge you rent, this is normal, but be sure that you aren’t overpaying!

STEP 3: Select a vending cart

When you are selecting a cart to be sure to keep your location in mind. You want to be able to meet the present and future demand at your location, this means having a cart that is large enough to supply you with a full days worth of product. We advise that you print off the schematics of the cart you select so you can show your local health inspector.

STEP 4: Order your cart

Price Guarantee If you find a better-priced cart of equal quality within 7 days of receiving your order we will refund the difference.

Quality Guarantee If your Willy Dog Hot Dog Cart should fail due to workmanship or material defect we will repair or replace it at our cost and at your location. No Arguments.