Canadian Mobile Food Vendor Cart Operations Manual

This operations manual is designed as a general guide book for the day to day running of a hot dog cart or other mobile food vendor cart or concession stand in Canada. The information contained herein has been carefully researched and then arranged in an easy to understand and logical format. The guidelines included in this manual are generally universal in nature and are designed to keep you, your cart, and your food safe and appealing. We have basically tried to select the best information from all the various federal, provincial and county health organizations. The material is presented in a format that is intended to be easy to understand and easy to put into practice on a mobile food cart.

Specific regulations for mobile food carts vary widely across Canada. Each food cart operator must consult the local health department and the municipal government office to ensure that the specific local guidelines are applied in the area that the cart will be used.

The guidelines in this manual are therefore a generalized compendium of the health department requirements across the country. These have been gathered from a number of well-written documents that appear on various government web sites. Local health department guidelines may vary in things such as specific equipment requirements such as the number of sinks required and the amount of fresh water that must be held on board.

Other food cart business operating information is included in this manual to assist our customers in running a successful and profitable business. That information is provided as suggestions based on our experience and first-hand knowledge of the business.

This Operations Manual is broken down into three main sections with 12 Chapters. Click on the links below to go to each section.

Section One – Food Safety Guide

Section Two – Daily Operations Guide

Section Three – Business Management